Family, Legacy, Artistry

Texture brings life to design, layering finishes and pattern, while lifting the spirit of a room. Thompson Traders is excited to present its new hand hammered textures, available for copper sinks in both the kitchen and bath.

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True to the spirit of our ancestry, we bring the allure of copper home. With all of our heart.

The Human Touch

Textures created by Thompson Traders craftsmen through expert hand hammering beg to be touched. And in a world progressively reliant on digital interaction, touch is an even more essential sense.

Textures That Beg to be Touched

Pulling inspiration from both fashion and nature, our hand hammered textures recall argyle and houndstooth patterns, or leaves falling gently from a tree. They draw the eye and call the hand to follow the edges, shapes and lines.

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Finishes For Any Style

An extraordinary quality of copper is that it has a living finish that will become more beautiful with age. It will develop a rich patina which is the results of the evolution of color over time.

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