Two dynamic artists. One incomparable collection.
OVAL RANGE HOOD This unique centerpiece has no rival. Perfect for an any kitchen. LEARN MORE
Like jewelry for your
kitchen or bath.
VANITY CONSOLE Add a natural softness with an organic, refined touch to any bathroom LEARN MORE

This unique color aesthetic and mix of
metals in the Quintana Collection stemmed
from a close design collaboration between
Kara Cox and Thompson Traders.
Thompson Traders combined their vast
experience with Kara’s vision to achieve a
flawless, one-of-a-kind look.

Much like you would put on jewelry as the last step in getting
dressed, these pieces are unique, beautiful, handmade
pieces that draw the eye to a simple, sophisticated design
that stands apart from the rest of a room.

The New Quintana Collection
by Kara Cox is the defining touch
in the kitchen or bath.

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The perfect partnership.

Thompson Traders Quintana Collection by
Kara Cox combines the highly-successful
Kara Cox’s fresh, tailored and timeless
approach to interiors, with Thompson
Traders hand-crafted metal pieces for the
kitchen and bath. The collection contains
five original pieces of incomparable beauty.


Much of Kara’s inspiration comes
from travel and exposing her eye
to different design elements from
around the world. While vacationing
in Quintana Roo, the family stayed in
a home that had no hard edges. All
the walls, countertops, and showers
were rounded. This inspired the
different textures and shapes used
in the Quintana Collection. Learn More about Kara Cox


Years of expert craftsmanship in the
kitchen and bath combined with an
incredible attention to detail allowed
Thompson Traders to bring Kara's
sketches to life. Persistency in
overcoming challenges resulted in a
collection of stunning, durable, and
functional pieces that add an unseen
level of sophistication to this line.


The collaboration resulted in a truly
unique five-piece collection that
redefines tradition. The kitchen and
bath are typically expressed by
clean lines crafted into hard
materials like stone, tile, metal, and
wood. Softening these lines creates
a focal point for conversation,
adding natural beauty to the home.