Thompson Continues to Expand Trend-Leading Designs with New Matte Black Finish Collection
Nov. 12, 2019 Product News

This is the second in series of new finish options released this year  from the makers of hand-crafted kitchen and bath designs

Thompson’ Escondido Vanity, the centerpiece of the 2019 Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Thompson’ Escondido Vanity, the centerpiece of the 2019 Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse man’s master bathroom by Barsanti Desmone, and of the brand’s new Oaxaca Collection featuring a matte black finish.

Black is the new black. Providing a timeless elegance to any kitchen and bath, the bold look of the color is exquisitely captured within the designs of the new Oaxaca Collection from Thompson© in their newest finish option: Matte Black.

Designed by Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, founder and creative director of Thompson, the collection of distinct bath vessels take its inspiration from Oaxaca, Mexico, a region known for its excellence in sculpting black clay pottery.

“Our craftsman are masters at the art of creating copper sinks and our new Matte Black finish celebrates the texture of copper while complementing our distinct finishes,” says Thompson.

The new finish showcases the many versatile, custom metal options used to create the brand’s hand-crafted designs including the Huacana, Puebla, Tacambaro, and Tonala sinks along with the Escondido Vanity, a highlight of Thompson’ new matte black collection.

“To create Escondido, I took our Zacatecas Vanity and placed the vessel position off-center to provide additional counter space,” Thompson shares. “The result is that Escondido makes a bold statement in any bathroom, yet it is in perfect harmony between our copper and the brass legs that support it.”

The Escondido Vanity was on full display at this year’s Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse as the centerpiece of the man’s master bathroom and dressing area by the design team of Daniel Barsanti and Christopher Desmone of Barsanti Desmone.

“Mr. Barsanti’s design allowed Escondido to command attention within the room, creating an elegant and sophisticated space. We are so happy that we could work with Barsanti Desmone and take part in this year’s Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse,” says Thompson.

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