Product Spotlight: Pavone Texture
Jun. 5, 2019 Product News

Pavone Alder Sink

The Alder sink balances its stunning Pavone texture, handcrafted and named for the magnificent feathers of a Peacock, with the simplicity of shape and warmth of finish. A work of art for the bath. Made from hand-hammered brass and nickel, this sink is sure to shine in your home bath.


Pavone Nantucket Sink

The beauty of Nature is the true inspiration for golden Nantucket. The handcrafted texture is named Pavone, which is Italian for peacock and serves as the inspiration behind the intricate and stunning feathers on display. This piece features an  antique satin gold finish.

Pavone Accessories

Handcrafted from brass and nickel this mixed metals Pavone accessories make a great addition to any office or bathroom plan. The Pavone accessories group includes a cup, tissue holder, and wastebasket. The complementary materials creates an eye-catching pattern that exudes beauty and appeal.

The textured trio makes for the bath – or even a luxurious desk space addition. Using traditional hand hammering techniques, the contrasting nickel and brass adds dimension and richness to your living space. The Pavone accessories add character to a typical working space and is sure to make a statement.

I think you just want to show the image that features the trio, yes?

Watch the Pavone texture come to life.

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