New Copper Introductions from Thompson
Jul. 8, 2016 Product News

Two new signature farmhouse kitchen sinks showcase the modern twist taken when incorporating copper into design. In addition, four new and unique bath sinks highlight design meant to stand the test of time, while offering homeowners ways to personalize their space.

New for the kitchen:

Mixing metals may be a driving trend in jewelry, but it is also hot in personalizing kitchens and material choices made by homeowners. With that in mind, Thompson introduces Silver Line, a farmhouse sink in Black Copper finish, with a framing nickel stripe meant to coordinate with stainless steel fixtures and appliances. Dimensions: 22 inches x 33 inches rectangle, 9/14 inches depth.

Destined to be the center of attention, the Gari farmhouse sink feels both modern and timeless with its handcrafted Rose Gold finish. Each stroke of the craftsman’s hammer yields a unique piece of art guaranteeing no two products are identical. The hammering process varies depending on the vessel. Some require more than 15,000 strokes in order to attain their final appearance. Dimensions: 33 inches x 22 inches round, 9-1/8 inches depth.

New for the bath:

On a clear night, the sky blazes with the brilliance of billions of stars. Historically, stars have guided us, even inspired us. It’s that calming influence of a starry night that inspires the name of Thompson’ new Stella Sink. Shown in handcrafted, hand-hammered Rose Gold finish, Stella gleams in the bath. Dimensions: 17 inches round, 5 inches depth.

Shown in Rose Gold finish, the Palla Sink is beautiful, classic and eye-catching, with both texture and dimension. Even more, it comes from the hands of master craftsman in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, a historic coppersmithing region. Each copper vessel is hand-hammered, with coppersmith dedicating hours, days and sometimes weeks to create a one-of-a-kind sink. Dimensions: 13-3/8 inches x 4-9/16 inches round, 5 inches depth.

Beaker Verde and Albero Sinks feature an exciting finishing process, resulting in a similar look to architecture and statues that have stood the test of time – with one noted difference. Thompson’ finishes require no additional process to maintain the distinct patina. They are designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Beaker Verde Dimensions: 16-5/8 inches x 20-1/8 inches oval, 4-1/8 inches depth; Albero Dimensions: 13-3/4 inches round, 6-1/2 inches depth.

Albero Sink, Rose Gold Finish & Beaker Verde, Black Copper Finish

About Thompson
Thompson is the largest decorative metals product provider in the United States, with a focus on copper. Located in Greensboro, NC, the company is family-owned and operated. Working with artisans in Mexico and India, Thompson transforms the highest-quality materials into one-of-a-kind designs for the home. Each piece is handcrafted, unique and possesses a story that is all its own. For more information, visit