Introducing a Selection of Signature Finishes from Thompson
Jun. 22, 2015 Product News

Human touch is evident in every handcrafted copper vessel created by Thompson, from start to finish. The process begins by melting copper into a pancake-shaped ingot. The ingot is heated in a fire then hammered into shape. After the metal has cooled, the process is repeated—over and over—until the company’s coppersmiths have achieved the desired design and finish.

Antique Satin Gold Finish
As distinct as Cartier’s rose gold watch, the Chelsea Limited Editions sink is the epitome of style, crafted with a square double wall design and hidden drain. The subtle hints in the finish are a nod to creative director Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson’s jewelry inspiration. Shown in the hand-hammered finish of antique satin gold, the sink’s golden rosy glow feels both modern and timeless. Dimensions: Outer, 12 inches; inner, 12 inches; depth, 3 inches. Sinks shown are available in multiple finishes.

Adding flair to functionality, the flower-shaped Fiore Legacy sink dazzles. It’s the perfect powder room addition, adding polished elegance. A smooth antique satin gold finish enhances the texture and layering of color achieved through the skilled hands of Thompson’ coppersmiths. Dimensions: Outer, 19 inches; inner, 19 inches; depth ½ inch round. Sinks shown are available in multiple finishes.

Black Nickel Finish
A black nickel finish is akin to the urban thrill of ambling down a centuries-old cobblestone street toward a favorite neighborhood café or other modern comfort. Copper peeks from beneath a black nickel finish creating ametallic and truly one-of-a-kind feel for the Matisse Limited Editions sink. Dimensions: Outer, 19 x 13 ¾ inches; inner, 17 x 11 ¾ inches; depth, 6 inches oval. Sinks shown are available in multiple finishes.
Multi-Colored Finish
The striking Baccus Tornasol Legacy sink emanates rich, warm colors as inspiring as an ocean sunset. The round form is simple in design, but the rich finish makes this handcrafted piece a stand-out. The Multi-Colored finish is one of Thompson’ most unique—and elaborate. The “streaking” process enables artisans to create greens, blues, purples and yellows that seem to swirl into the drain. Dimensions: Outer, 17 inches, inner, 15 inches, depth, 6½ inches round. Sinks shown are available in multiple finishes.Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, the founder and creative director of Thompson, grew up near the renowned copper-crafting region of Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, where generations of coppersmiths have used time-honored, metal-crafting techniques for centuries. Traditions of her native Mexico inspire many of Alejandra’s creations, including copper tubs, which are a fixture in Mexican homes.
Thompson personally guides the creation of its pure copper pieces at its facility in Santa Clara del Cobre. Its lifetime finishes prevent the naturally occurring patina that changes copper’s appearance over time.

About Thompson
Thompson is the largest decorative metals product provider in the United States, with a focus on copper. Located in Greensboro, NC, the company is family-owned and operated. Working with artisans in Mexico and India, Thompson transforms the highest-quality materials into one-of-a-kind designs for the home. Each piece is handcrafted, unique and possesses a story that is all its own. For more information, visit