COMING SOON! Everyday Heirlooms Luxury Barware Collection Debuts September 12th

Family Photo

Thompson and Pappy & Company will soon launch Everyday Heirlooms, a new line of luxury barware inspired by family, legacy, and the art of hospitality. Available for pre-order on Pappy & Company’s website on September 12th, the collection features eight unique designs—all hand-crafted by Thompson’s skilled artisans.

From “The Pappy Punchbowl” to “The Julian Jigger,” each product is modeled after essential bar pieces from the Van Winkle family’s personal collection and is steeped in the rich history of Kentucky bourbon country. And while these beautiful products are inspired by heirloom pieces from throughout the past century, the modern interpretations are meant to be enjoyed often and used daily.

Family group shot

The Story Behind the Collection

It’s no surprise that as Thompson and Pappy & Company worked to bring the Everyday Heirlooms collection to life, they found deep rooted similarities between the families behind our businesses. After all, each brand is helmed by strong, creative, passionate women.

Thompson’s founder Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson grew up in a charming colonial town in the foothills of Mexico, immersed in natural beauty and the heritage of celebration. It was a place where every generation of her family embraced their entrepreneurial and creative spirit and worked for themselves. When she emigrated to the United States, she brought that inspiration with her.

 After quickly making a name for herself in the design world, Alejandra felt a calling that was deeply connected to her homeland and ancestral tradition of craftsmanship. So she founded Thompson Traders (now known as Thompson). Joined by her daughters, Samantha and Alejandra, and sons Clifford and JJ, Thompson has continued to evolve while remaining a family run business dedicated to their original inspiration.

Thompson and Van Winkle families

In a similar fashion, Pappy & Company was founded by triplet sisters, Carrie, Louise, and Chenault Van Winkle, as a way to carry on their unique family legacy. Their grandfather, Pappy Van Winkle, is one of most famous names in the Kentucky bourbon world after all. And as female founders running a small business, they have leaned heavily on the grounding principles of the women in their lives, relying on their collective wisdom, strength, dedication and creative passion to create a new generation of success that honors the past.

These grounding principles are what bind the Thompsons and Van Winkles. They see their passion not just as work, but as an extension of themselves, their families and their legacies. Putting their name on something means they have put their whole selves into it…and the generations before them.

The Everyday Heirloom collection is itself a reflection of the shared qualities that brought our two families together. And we can’t wait to share it with the world on September, 12th.