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From the Chrysler Building in New York City to the Rolex Submariner watch, few metals have the strength, longevity and timeless beauty of stainless steel. Its stain and corrosion resistant properties provides hassle-free iconic design to be enjoyed for years.

Made from 18 gauge high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, Thompson Traders' Hammered Stainless Steel sinks offer performance and durability unrivaled by nicket and other materials. This commitment to quality adds value and versatility.

Forged from our legacy,
Thompson Traders' Hammered
Stainless Steel sinks are beautiful,
versatile and unmatched.

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our heritage.
Retooling craftmanship

Thompson Traders spent two years and over ten thousand hours adapting tools and developing innovative fixtures in order to bring its mastery of design, hand-hammering and finishing to its stainless steel sinks.

Pressed & hammered

First, our stainless steel is heated and stretched in a press. Unlike metals such as nickel, the pressing process reduces the chance of leaking - leading to higher-quality sinks. Second, comes the hammering. Like all Thompson Traders' product, the sinks are expertly hand-hammered with a five pound hammer. Finally, the sinks are pressed again to enhance the radius and dents - adding unmistakable artistry and uniqueness.

Cleaned & Polished

After they're pressed, Thompson's Hammered Stainless Steel sinks are meticulously cleaned land polished. The polishing is done with surgical-like precision by a craftsman who knows exactly the right amount of pressure to apply without damaging the metal.


The sinks are tested to ensure they work perfectly without puddling or leaking. Then, the sinks are installed into model displays to verify fit.

Noise Reduction

The last step is adhering sound dampering panels and coating each of the hammered stainless steel sinks with sound dampening paint. The coating absorbs vibrations and stops unwanted noise. This step improves the overall function of the Thompson Traders sink and enhances the owner's experience.