Designer Spotlight: A Conversation with Krystine Edwards
Jul. 4, 2019 Designer News

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a realtor, designer and I renovate home. I have been in business 14 years.

What have you learned during your career to date that you would share with others?
You have to be on top of it. When a potential client or prospect calls you, you need to be able to get back to them quickly. And, you need to always stay on top of trends and any important information. I’m always taking classes and learning to make sure I’m educated and knowledgeable.

What trends do you see right now in interior design or decorating?
A big trend I see is sophisticated casual. A lot of white walls, fresh and crisp design with a bit of casual.

What new innovations should consumers keep their eye out for?
New innovations are smart homes. From being able to view the inside of your refrigerator from your phone, to having an app to start your laundry. Technology is being implemented in homes in a big way.

What were your design objectives in your kitchen? How do you use the space?
My design objectives in my personal kitchen was for it to be bright, clean but have a little chicness to it.

What inspired you to go for a custom range hood? What do you like about the material?
I was inspired to go for a custom range hood because I feel that is the crown jewel of the kitchen. It’s what makes your kitchen stand out the most because it’s usually what’s seen first. The material is beautiful. I love mixing the metals. The hammered nickel is so stunning and the brass strapping give it that extra touch.

What finishes or other metals do you like?
Nickel and brass are my favorite.

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What drew you to Thompson and their products for the installation?
First, their products are beautiful! The quality is amazing as well! The biggest selling point for me, was that they are family business. And, quite a magnificent family. That was really special to me, since, my family emigrated from Poland and worked hard to create a family business as well. It just felt right.

What was your experience like working with Thompson and their products?
It was very professional, they kept me up to date and their products are one of the best. I’ve installed other range hoods and the quality has surpassed others I have used.