A Conversation with Cheryl Clendenon
Dec. 5, 2017 Designer News

Tell us about yourself. I have been in business for 18 years! I started many years ago after being in radio and television for a decade doing sales and marketing. Loved it but with little kids and a recent divorce I needed the flexibility of my own business…plus I stink as an employee!

Talk about a favorite project. I am working on a fabulous mid-century remodel now, and we plan to use the Naples sink. It is going to be a stunning bath, and we couldn’t ask for a better client. They truly trust the process!

What trends do you see right now in interior design? I think you start and end your day in an important place – the bath. And I think more and more people are starting to realize this is a part of taking care of yourself and not only your body but your psyche too. I think bath design is being elevated to a new level of sophistication and people will invest in functional solutions to age old problems.

In the kitchen, trends still point to family-centric spaces where people can multi-task. Solution driven design is super important here. Plus, I think people want more targeted storage now. “Pretty” is important but function and storage are still key. The idea is to blend them to get the best of both worlds.

What new innovations should consumers keep their eye out for? Bluetooth is huge in the bath – more people want speakers in their showers! Also smart appliances seem to be a hit with many, although I personally like old fashioned knobs. Styling is going to both extremes.  

What inspired you to use copper? What do you like about the material? I love anything organic in nature. I think the warmth of copper even when not actually copper-colored adds instant sophistication to any room.

Tell us about your experience with Thompson. We have done several projects. In our own client bath at my offices, we wanted a stark black and white feel – in addition to some warmth, ala a nickel sink and reflect wallcovering on the ceiling. This bath was all about contrasts and textures, so the hammered nickel sink was huge for style points!

Tell us about your experience with Thompson. I met the family and that was it for me. I like to work with clients I enjoy being with and when possible, same with vendors. Their hospitality and genuine love for their business reflects in their work, in my opinion, and this means a lot. Plus, I can tell the clients…hey I KNOW these people. They are good folks. My type of clientele appreciates this.

Photo credit: Head shot and bathroom courtesy of Cheryl Clendenon