Thompson Celebrates Partnership with Palmer Industries
Aug. 5, 2022 Company News

Thompson and Palmer Industries are celebrating seven years and counting of partnership and collaborations in the luxury residential design world.

A dynamic connection between the two brands took root at the 2015 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). Not long after, Thompson requested that Palmer Industries supply a leg system for a countertop with an integrated sink to create a complete vanity. Ever since their first incredible collaboration, the brands have realized their incomparable compatibility and unique potential as a pair.

“With Thompson, the materials really spoke to us, and that’s why it works so well together,” says Jamie Boutin, partner and general manager at Palmer Industries. “Our product is unique in that it is incomplete. We sell leg systems that can be paired with a variety of tops, which gives us the opportunity to really create something unexpected.”

A natural marriage is the best way to describe the flawless combination of Thompson top pieces and Palmer Industries leg systems to both the dealers that carry their handcrafted pieces and designers that enjoy working with both brands. Whether in an individual or joint project, creations of both brands are present together in showrooms and homes across the US.

In luxury designer Kara Cox’s collaboration with Thompson, the one-of-a-kind Quintana Collection, a Palmer Industries brass leg system was beautifully paired with a burnished nickel and brass top piece to create the collection’s vanity. This stunning project, along with other timeless collaborations, would not have been realized without the high-quality customization services that both brands offer, a breath of fresh air for interior designers.

The designer’s vision is of the utmost importance to both Thompson and Palmer Industries, especially in their collaborations. Rarely is a company willing to take on more work not just to tweak but to create something entirely new for a client to materialize their vision. Collaborations with Thompson and Palmer Industries offer the unique option to create a completely original piece with new sinks and leg systems. The incredible effort required to push the envelope and create an absolute dream piece is a testament to the impressive dedication championed by both brands.

“Palmer Industries makes such beautiful product; nobody else in the industry does such high-quality work as them,” says Samantha Thompson Lizarraga, marketing director and co-owner of Thompson. “They are able to match our finishes almost perfectly, which is incredible.”

To mesh even more exquisitely, the brands pride similar levels of customization and attention to detail. While Thompson traditionally works with copper, stainless steel, and brass, and Palmer Industries mainly with brass, both brands offer a large variety of finishes, which, when artistically utilized, retain the organic essence of a Thompson top piece when accompanied by the striking architecture of a Palmer Industries leg system.

As jewelry for the home, Thompson and Palmer Industries collaborative pieces serve as finishing touches for monumental personal spaces as a result of a seamless partnership and level of dedication that does not exist elsewhere.