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Hammer home your kitchen's personality
with one-of-a-kind sinks and hoods.

Hand-Hammered Brass

Thompson Traders’ craftsmen are truly masters of metal. Their dedication to hand-hammering and finishing techniques from Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico translate seamlessly to durable and distinctive brass. The age old technique elevates the material’s brilliant shine. Our craftsmen have been known to sometimes spend weeks meticulously creating a single sink or hood. This ensures everything they create is a one-of-a-kind, hand-hammered piece of art.

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Our craftsmen’s mastery of hand-hammering and finishing techniques translate seamlessly to durable and distinctive brass.

Quiroga Apron Front Sink

Seamless construction in a single bowl, apron-front design. Quiroga is a municipality in Michoacán, close to where Thompson Traders founder and creative director, Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, grew up.

MSRP: $1,549
Dimensions: 33 in. (outer) x 22 in. (inner) x 9 in. (depth).

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Brass Range Hood

Customized to your specifications from conception to completion. Ready in ten to twelve weeks.

Custom pricing and dimensions

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Rivera Prep Sink

Your kitchen’s new best friend, Rivera features a square, flat bottom in hand-hammered brass.

MSRP: $529
Dimensions: 17 in. (outer) x 15 in. (inner) x 8 in. (depth).

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A Golden Touch of Elegance

The luster of our hand-hammered brass sinks are sure to add an old world charm to any home. Your kitchen will feel like it’s been filled with nostalgia from the first day your sink or hood is installed.

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