The beauty of copper is its living finish or patina. It builds over time and works as a protective coating. The patina is a rich weathered finish with light and dark tones complementing each other and creating the unique effect of copper.

Wash with soap, water and a soft cloth or sponge. We recommended the following soaps: Dawn Ultra (Original Blue Color), Ultra Ivory Dish Liquid (Classic Scent White Color) and Palmolive Original (Green Color). Wipe off the surface to remove standing water, whitening tooth paste, acidic substances, etc. Acidic substances create shiny spots, yet over time copper heals itself and with use the color will begin to return to its original shade.  For extra protection use a high quality carnauba wax (with no polishing agent). Acidic substances like Lime, Lemon, Tomato Juice, etc tend to leave shiny spots.

NEVER USE anything abrasive like: Soft Scrub, Steel Wool, Chore Girl, etc.

NEVER USE the following products: Brasso, Clorox, Drano or Similar Products.

Polished Copper:

- These finishes will patina

- If the patina grows too dark and you wish to restore the sinks shiny finish, use a copper polish like Wright's Copper Cream ( Follow Wright's cleaning directions on how to use the copper cream). Then re-wax your sink.

- If you wish to slow the patina process, wax your sink. Use a high quality carnauba was (with no polishing agent)

- NEVER USE anything abrasive

Fired Copper - Black Copper - Antique Copper

- These finishes will patina.

- Any spotting caused by normal usage will eventually fade back and match the patina.

- To protect and slow the patina, use a high quality carnauba wax ( with no polishing agent)

- NEVER USE metal/copper polishor anything abrasive on these finishes.

Black Nickel - Antique Satin Gold - Hammered Nickel - Multi-Colored Sinks

- These finsihes will not change or patina

- We recommend using a high quality carnauba was (with no polishing agent) to protect the finish.

- NEVER USE copper polish or anything abrasive.

Thompson Trader's copper sinks are high quality , low maintenance and therefore, easy to care for. Your sink will last for generations!